I got a new guitar today from Long and McQuade. It's an Epiphone Les Paul Special II.
It play nice and sounds nice, but the cover on the pickup selector isn't there. It's a sunburst finish with two humbuckers.
It was $220 dollars. Good deal?
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Sounds pretty good, from what I'd think.
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Just another question, what styles is it originally good for?
I mainly play blues, rock, pop, alternative. Pretty much a wide, wide range of styles.
Not a good deal Those things are literally the bottom of the chain lowest quality les paul available when I started to play a couple years ago they were a hundred bucks new. Now I see them for like one hundred seventy new
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Aren't they agathis?
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Hey, if you're happy with it, then have fun.

If someone else has a problem with it, well, "they don't have to play it, fella." (Jim Gaffigan lol)
sweet dude, post some pics. It doesnt matter what those other junkies tell you. Epiphones completely ok if thats all you can afford. I was thinkin i might buy only be able to afford an epiphone for a while.

Remember, dont take any guff from these swine. theyre mostly just overweight fat kids who play Dean guitars whilst listening to Perry Como L.Ps

Better an Epi than a Dean

oh, btw... is it bad if your pee is red?

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the price seems a bit high , but the diffrence might be the Canadian Dollar . they actually do not sound bad and a fairly sharp looking guitar . i picked up the LP100 and was really amazed at the quality to me it felt and sounded better than the higher end epi Les pauls i picked it up a few years ago for like 200 . luckily, i play with a lot of older guys who are past the point of looking at a Name and we simply go for what sounds and feels good anymore.
For the price they can play suprisingly well with a good setup, but mines always sounded like ass no matter what.

Happy NGD though, glad you like it.
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he's from canada, so the price will naturally be higher than that of musicians friend.

Oh, ok, didn't notice that. Probably makes it pretty much in line.
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I've just got one question, what's a "flame top"?

It's a piece of wood glued onto the top of a guitar for tonal reasons. A flamed top refers to flamed maple, which is the one that looks like it has the lines going through it.
I've seen them new for cheaper, it's the lowest end Epiphone guitar available. They make good beginner guitars, not much else. The higher end Epiphones are good, I have two... but the Special II usually have terrible build quality.

If it works for you though, then don't worry what anyone says. As far as your genres go... it should be okay for those.
Ah another fellow calgarian. How's it going. Were you at the Long & McQuade by macleod trail in the south today around noon for that sale they were having? I was there today around noon browsing to see if any good deals. Congratulations on your new guitar.
my MG15DFX has a button that simulates the sound of one of the expensive tube marshall amps

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