I was looking around in my local used music store when I came across a very nice looking LP custom black. It was made by "windsong guitar co." For a copy, it really sounded very good. I was surprised. I went home to find out more about the company, and all i could find was a number to a instrument sales store in upstate NY. The owner told me he had started his own very small, very private line of guitars based out of the epiphone plant in korea.

My local dealer was telling me that this copy was actually very true to original LP design, in details like the angle of the headstock, and small square pegs in the side of the pickups (open coil, btw).

This all looks great, and the guitar sounds good, and the price is definitely right. I just want to make sure I'm buying from a reputable company. Does anybody here have any information on Windsong Guitar Co.?

Thanks so much.
Doesn't matter if the company itsefl is reputable, it's the guitar. Does it feel good to play? Does it sound good, is it comfortable, can you get the sounds you want?

If yes to all the above, go for it. Don't make or break the sale simply because of the name on the headstock.
It sounds really good, and it's confortable. It's the build quality I'm worried about.

Also, sheer curiosity drives me to know at least a little about the name on the headstock...