I have some videos in youtube:

Some parts of my songs and a lesson (I want to upload some more in the future)

I hope there's something interesting for you, and I'm always happy about feedback.
the two solos were really good. subscribe4subscribe? (my sig) and please if you'd like c4c https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1066851

i really love your tone and you seem to have a nice sustain. What kind of tele is that? either way youre really good and i really like that tone of yours, almost reminds me of slash though not quite.
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Nice solo's great tone, and nice 7 string. Your tele also sounded great

overall nice vids, watched a few, rated and subscribed, do the same for me? Vid in sig
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you got an awesome guitar!! it looks really sexy (the 7 string one) and for a short improv at the middle, i didnt even notice it!! really good!

rate and comment my friend's please??

here's the thread if you can give it a bump too!
Man I love the Schwalbe solo. Really cool phrasing there.
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Hey thanks for the crit on my song
I'm listening to "Neo Intro"
very impressive! the arpeggios use an excellent blend of cossonance and dissonance. then you go into a nice melodic line. continue this one for sure!!

The Schwalbe Solo is also impressive both technically and melodically. If there aren't already full songs involving these parts, make them for sure!
Nice guitar and tone too.
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Very good stuff man. And I must say, you're one hairy dude O_O.
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