Where do you put your phaser in the effect chain? Before or after the distortion? I've tried both and the difference in sound is small so I'd like to know what is the "most common" placement.

I like it in the effects loop, but thats me, experiment & see what you like
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its your prefrence but i like mine after my TS-9
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I have my distortion first, then my mxr phase. The difference isnt really in the phase, its more in the distortion. My DS-1 definitely has more crunch and power when its in front of the phaser. But thats just me.
Try it after distortion,
if you have echo,
it depends if you want your echo to phase,
or your phase to echo?
but,i would say putting the phser after the distortion,if you wish,
would be best...
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xjosheex, you have made a simple answer to it all haha

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personally, I put it this way: tuner>fuzz>overdrive>EQ>phaser >amp and then i got some other stuff in my effects loop.
if i put it in the effects loop, it makes the volume drop by half (unless my reverb is turned on, i never understood why the hell it happens)
if i put it before my fuzz it's not hearable (but then nothing can be heard before a big muff)
if i put it before my EQ, the waves will be EQed and won't be as clear

just go by elimination, look at where it sounds bad and then where it sounds good and pick out the best one
of course, it gets sucky when you have 12 pedals in your board