I'm a beginner who plays a variety of styles. I'm going to buy one of these two practice amps, but something has been bugging me. Neither of them has a drum & bass feature. My Korg Pandora PX4D has this and I really enjoy playing to the drum & bass track.

I don't want to buy an amp only to have one with this feature come out soon after. Does anyone know whether there is anything new coming in the next month or so? Thanks!
Thanks, 667! I hadn't looked closely at the RX because the two reviews on MusiciansFriend both say that the speakers Roland put in it aren't good, but I will give it another chance because it does seem like exactly what I'm looking for.

Edit: Just read some more reviews...people don't seem to like this amp as well as the other two. Maybe I should just go for the DA5 and play my Pandora's drum & bass machine into its aux input? I would be burning up an extra set of batteries if I didn't plug it into the wall, but the whole package would be smaller (small size is a priority for me) and sound quality seems like it would be better.
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