I was thinking about getting a talkbox. I was just wondering if you had to have a PA for any talkbox? Or can you just hook it up like a pedal?
You need a p.a and a microphone to make the talkbox work properly.

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To use it properly you dont need a mic at all. for practice, you won't need it. If you need it to gig and the place has mic's covered for you, dont waste money.

you need the mic to be heard over other instruments, as the sound from the talkbox itself is very quiet (in relation to band playing). a mic going to a small decent PA will cover this. get the mic if your ever playing with other people

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So if im just messing around in my studio its okay without a PA.
ya, if its just by your self or even with another guitar or something it can be heard without a mic
Should be, the pa is just to amplify what's coming from the horn.
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