So i've finally gotten my single rectifier, and its been a saint for me :]
All i could ask for in the amp world; well in exception to another mesa with more features.
And i just traded in my XXX at a music store i take lessons at and got about 430 worth of stuff out of it. my main purchase of this being a TC Electronic Nova Delay.
I absolutely love the delay its so 3 dimensional and can get pretty out there too.

However there is a problem: its not true bypass. now everywhere i read is thats its buffered, but has no sound coloration because its high end. however i see a difference between it plugged in and bypassed, from completely out of the signal.

it adds in an annoying top end, and a slight digitalized phasing sound.
im not sure if this is due to maybe the mesa having a ****ty effects loop? or the pedal.

if anyone knows anything please help me out, if there is something im not doing, however i read the manual and set my inputs and everything, even turned spillover off.

The owner said if i dont like it i can bring it in on my lesson monday, and im pretty sure that he has a digitech hardwire delay in store i could pick up along with some form of reverb pedal which is a plus.

So should i just ditch the TC and go for the Hardwire delay and a holy grail or is there something i can do to make the TC work better?
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id say go with Hardwire i have never read negative posts about those pedals and it has pretty good features..........

BTW what amp did you trade for the XXX ???
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try using it straight thru the input, dont plug it into the effects loop. also, if its a tone issue, you could always try correcting it with the settings on your amp, or on your guitar even.
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i just traded it in at my local store for store credit.
If you don't talk to your kids about GAS, who will?
you could get a true bypass looper.


I think this is the one, but i'm not certain.

although i can't guarantee the thing would completely fix the problem, i've never tried one.
BUT it seems like it would work.
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i'd try going straight in but, im using a very high gain setting, not to mention the active pickups will most likely be too powerfull and overdrive the resisters in the pedal.
If you don't talk to your kids about GAS, who will?
i was thinking about a looper, but the only problem is i only have store credit and the small shop doesn't carry much.
If you don't talk to your kids about GAS, who will?
If it is the bypass stage you're concerned about, the hardwire is true bypass. While I have not read many reviews about the Hardwires, all the Hardwire reviews tend to be very positive about the HW series, even if it did come from Digitech.

One thing though, I believe its not an analog pedal, so when you power it up, you could get a somewhat processed sound. I'm not sure how you'd view this, but I hate that sound. That said, while no one has mentioned anything about it, neither have I seen any confirmation about whether the pedal is digital or analog processing.
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Have you thought about an MXR Carbon Copy? One of the best TB analog delays in a very affordable price range ever!
Digital is prefered for me. i have an analog delay (vintage stereo memory man), and the clipping on it makes the repeats to lo-fi for a high gain lead use. however i use my memory man for a nice clean and blues sound. I've thought about the MXR Carbon Copy, but 2 concerns... one being that there is no tap tempo which i find very useful, and i dont think the store i have credit for carries MXR stuff :[ and i do love my SmartGate.
If you don't talk to your kids about GAS, who will?