i like to play ALL kinds of rock, classic, modern, alternative rock and throw some metal in there maybe but probably not... just for fun though when there's a sweet rift. Me and my friends started a band and need some practice but will eventually start gigging most likely... I like to use pedals hopefully gonna be buying a the origanle Wah-Wah by Dunlop, Distortion from boss, MXR's 10 band EQ and whatever else for some hard rock. right now all i have is the Boss SD-1 though lol.

I don't know to much about what amps would be best for me solid state combo or tube combo so i just went to guitarcenter.com and looked around. would love some help and suggestion. Thank You!






i think that's really all i could find... anyways i'm open for any opinions and suggestions. i like soft to hard rock and my budget is up to maybe ~$650
LOL i dont like all of the amps you posted..........

Look at the Blackheart Handsome Devil(new), Peavey Classic 30(used), Vox AC15(used)
add an OD infront of those amps and you got yourself some nice crunchy tones.......

Sometimes in Ebay there pops out a Hot Roded Blackheart amp........... if you see one (it is the RAT modded Blackheart) BUY IT QUICKLY !!!!!
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Don't go for the MG, I'm not just slagging them off because everyone else does, I actually have one. Trust me, they suck.
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