As some of you may know I'm upgrading my Squier so that it will at least not be embarrassing to have it. Taking the neck off, new pick ups, new paint job etc.
I took the old tremolo bridge out of the body and now there is a space in it. So I went to Guitar Center and asked if I needed to fill it or if I could just put a TOM or a rolling bridge over it. The guy said that I needed to put a block of wood in it and that a tech could do it. However, I'm still confused as to how much money it would be and what kind of wood is okay to use. Since it was a Squier I'm assuming that the body is made out of Poplar.

For the tl;dr people.

There's a big empty space in the body of my guitar where the bridge used to be. How much money does it cost to put a block of wood back in it so I can put a bridge on top and does it matter what kind of wood?
What if I put a piece of maple in there? Since a Strat uses it, that couldn't be bad for a Squier could it?
You could use maple. Just make sure not to glue end grain to end grain... it had better be a good fit too.
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Wood Filler!

Jk, Maple would work good, It might even sound way better than just Poplar. You probably will have to repaint the wole thing though, It will look crappy if you have 2 different types of paint.