Allright guys here's the link to a pack with 20,000 Guitar pro Tabs I found some time ago that has been very usefull to me. The pack was made around 2004 I guess because I havent found manyt tabs of song that came after that but I might be mistaken.

Hope its as usefull to you guys as it has been to me.

http://uploading.com/files/V23P7POO/GuitarPro Tabs - My Songbook.rar.html

If you find this pack usefull post something so the thread gets bumped and more people can see it
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I already have this pack and its prety awsome its got loads of tabs of songs from bands like metallica to steve vai and jimi hendrix, prety much anythin u can think of post 2004 it has it. I just wish that someone would update that pack to 2008. But nevertheless an awsome pack
Try search bar.
We've discussed about this before.
Thanks though.
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