Its on my UG profile.
Its definitly not the best recording at all, but it'll do for now until my band can get a gig and some street cred.

Its just the demo track. We're tracking the vocals and bass tomorrow

Crit would be very nice
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I like the tune, but I think it needs to be a bit more tight before I'd listen to again, even if it's just a demo track.

I liked the breakdown though. How long have you guys been practicing this song?


Lol quite sometime actually
We just recorded this all within maybe 1 hr. all together
We're gonna re-record it later and really take the time to get all the parts equalled out. We just kinda did this spur of the moment
Final Demo is up on my profile with vox and bass

Please keep in mind this is our band first recording so it is a pretty noobish attempt lol

Our vocalist has never recorded before so he doesn't really know proper breathing technique yet so he sounds out of breath in certain places
Sounds a lot better, except for the vocals, way too loud.

Peace bro.
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I actually really liked that. from a songwriting perspective it was really cool, and your vocalist has a very full sounding scream. work on the mix though, even though I understand that its just a demo. just turn down the vocals and EQ them a little to blend in with the rest of the instruments, its something I can't really tell you how to do haha gotta do it by ear I guess.

It reminds me of something TDWP would do.

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Yeah im liking it man!
Sort out the sound and it'll be pretty tight!
I feel skanked though as i cant record properly and have to use guitar pro all the time lmao :p

Keep up the great tunes!
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"I am Osiris" at 2.22 i like how it goes "BA-BA-BA-BA---Ba-Ba-Ba-Ba---BA-BA--Ba-Ba-

its badass.