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My guitar has been equipped with ernie ball strings for a couple of months now, and upon switching to D'Addario last night, my guitar tone seems to sound muddy and crappy. It may just be in my head though, so I'm not really sure what to think.

Will equal thickness strings of different brands sound relatively the same? Or are people who SWEAR by a certain brand just crazy?
i like searchbar strings myself.

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That's rather weird, considering that in my experience, D'Addarios kick Ernie Ball's ass all day long. Blue Steels whip em both though and as such, Blue Steels are the only ones I use
i actually switched from d'addario to ernie ball's.
the high e on my set of d'addario strings broke in just 3 days, with proper stringing and everything!
the tone on ernie ball's are amazing, great, reliable set of strings!!
IF they were all exactly the same, there would be one string brand
just try em out
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Yeah, equal gauge strings even from different brands will sound the same, but gauges are used more for different tunings.
I used to use Ernie Ball strings for a good while when I started playing cause that what the guitar center guy told me was the best. Then I switched to d'addario (after getting sick and tired of my high e breaking). and never looked back, I also use DR strings when I'm feeling in the mood for something different.
i find ernie balls are better for guitars with double locking trems, especially with active pickups. they don't pick up any interference from the metal so you don't get any oscillation noise - they seem to sound a bit clearer.
D'Addario's are great and all but Ernie Balls ROCK!!
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yea i use d'addarios and there great better then ernie ball IMHO

fixed. because IMHO, Ernie ball are the best. I used D'addariASS once and in standard tuning with 10's my1st, 3rd, and 6th string broke. and there were no sharp edges on my guitar at all. Ernie Ball never broke on me yet. I only replace them every 2-3 months because I'm paranoid like that... lol
I tried D'addario's one time, but I use all Ernie Ball Slinky now. I used the d'addario's on my acoustic guitar one time, and I they didn't do much except break. I use Ernie Balls on both my guitars. They're just reliable.
I just switched from EBs to D'Addarios on one guitar, and am loving the change.

Ernie Ball strings compulsively rust. I might get a week before they feel like crap (I do wipe strings down and wash my hands).

D'addarios are already outlasting them. The new EB packaging is a good move though. I've got a set of the newly packaged ones on my G400, and it's standing up much better than the old series.

I think the string manufacturer with the biggest difference would be Elixir. Otherwise, strings are pretty much strings.
Like a lot of people I used to used Slinky's and switched to D'Addarios. Prefer the switch but the Slinky's aren't THAT bad.

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Ernie Ball, D'Addario, GHS, DR, Fender Bullets etc are all decent strings. I personally use D-Addario 10-46's. But strings break because you either kinked them during installation, have sharp edges somewhere in the strings path (bridge saddle, tuning post) or did something really dumb, not because they're flawed! If your string continually break in the sam area you've got a problem that's nothing to do with the strings themselves.
Moving on.....
I've only ever regularly used two brands of electric guitar strings so I can only comment on those. I used Ernie Ball regular and hybrid Slinky's for a long time but they broke frequently. Nearly one broken string per set. By the way, I leave my strings on for some time. I was introduced to D'Addario XL strings through my job and have never broken a single one. They are a good case study of a difference between string brands.
EB's are great strings

But to answer the question no I dont feel a difference in strings or how long they last except when I used some coated strings they lasted a bit longer but not enough to justify the cost.
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DR's get no love... but Ernie Ball or DR for me. Elixers have always blown for me. And on my YouTube video about it people seem to hate me for saying that.
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Interesting you found D'Adarrio's muddy? To me they always sound too bright, thats why I've never liked them. Used to use GHS Boomers for a long time and now switched back to Super Slinky's and love them.
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I use fender bullets I've tried quite a few different brands but come back to the fender bullets. I find some brands feel stiffer than others and some last longers before they rust.
There's certainly a difference between different brands. I've tried many of them, and liked Ernie Ball and especially D'Addario, which I've been using for 7 years exclusively, and I've had no problems with them; in all this time, I've never broken even one.

But... I'm sorry to say this; I think I'm gonna change my loyalty. Last week I bought a set of Elixir Nanoweb and I liked it, even more than my trustful D'Addario :P

But well, if I'm ever on the mood for uncoated strings again, I have no doubt I'll go back to D'Addario.
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When I first started playing, I was using Ernie balls'(I guess their package looks "cool"), but they just seem to rust out or corrode too quickly, so I've tried D'darrios and I find they don't rust like the EB's do, then somehow down the road I've changed to GHS and have been using GHS since.
I'm currently tring a set of bullets pure nickel, works well so far.
Different 'brands' have different string qualities, but I think string material affects tone more than the brand, ie: coated, pure nickel, nickel plated, chrome...etc.
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Used to use GHS Boomers. Then when I moved Ernie Balls were more convenient to get, because the local store only carries them (Its a music store, not a guitar store). So now I use Ernie Ball Beefy Slinkys. Basically, I haven't expiremented enough with strings to find which ones are better, but its materials that matter the most. And some companies (Like Dadarrio) have a better reputation.
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yes there is a difference. i use d-addorio on my epiphone riviera and fender 250s on fender american telecaster. and super bullets on my mexican strat
I used to use EB's, and they just went shítty after a few weeks, and bending was nigh on impossible with them i thought.

I now use D'addario hybrid-9's and i can bend like a motherfúcker, and my strings last ages.
try a set of Elexir's. Tried several other brands and only got 2weeks to a month out of them. The last set of Elexir's is 6 months old and still sounds great,well worth the extra $.
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But strings break because you either kinked them during installation, have sharp edges somewhere in the strings path (bridge saddle, tuning post) or did something really dumb, not because they're flawed!

Where does wearing them out count in your argument.

Every high E string I've broken after one or two weeks has been around the 12th/15th fret, or the very commonly used areas.

I think my sweat may be quite corrosive, as I'm wearing away TOM saddles on my G400.

My point is, strings do break from use too.
personally, i swear by ernie balls'.

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there's not really too much difference, but the difference is still there - you are generally advised to stick with the same brand/set on each guitar to avoid having to do a setup every time you restring, which is the reason i use ernie ball. it goes without saying that you will have good experiences with some brands and bad experiences with others and most of it is just luck (or bad luck, in some cases), so it's a shame all these threads related to string brands seem to turn into massive flamewars because of people saying "D'addario is WAYYY better than GHS, rotosound strings catch fire, ernie balls rust and Gibson brite wires break fender guitars, fender strings only work on fender guitars otherwise they melt" and crap like that.

My experience of strings is that ernie balls have the best sound for me, although i do use GHS boomers on the line 6 Variax because ernie balls were making its digital output sound very harsh (the line 6 forumers recommended boomers), but i have more problems with them rusting and especially breaking, than i ever have had with ernie balls.
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I don't really change mine often enough to notice a difference between brands, maybe it just stopped sounding muddy cos they were new strings?
Started out using GHS Boomers when I was 14. I was bad then, broke strings consistently, never changed out all the strings at once, etc; Can't really comment. When I started being smart about learning guitar, I used Ernie Ball classic rock packs. They're good, but they seemed to corrode and lose the 'fresh' sound really fast. The first time I asked about Elixers they were out, so I got DR coated strings... as soon as I put tension on the first string, it snapped, so i've never bought a pack since.

I did switch to Elixers though, and they sound good, my only problem is that they seem to sound very different when you put them on, but after a while (mine have been on for say, a month or two tops) they've worn down and have a different tone. Not corroded or anything, just... different.

Oh, and I haven't broken a string since I initially switched to ernie ball classic, aside from an apparently flawed pack of DRs.
IMO, absolutely.
Ernie Ball's just feel plain weird to me, and it really makes no sense since they're the same gauge, made the same way and with the same materials. D'addario just feels a helluva lot nicer.
I used D'addario's for a while and something about them annoyed me. I havent played EB's but I switched to DR medium heavy Tite-Fits and they feel and sound better FOR ME. Different brands have different characteristics that certain people like better than others. Its like any part of your rig, once you get to a certain point its all preference.
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Yes there is. Ernie Ball strings are the best sounding strings out there, and while they used to not last quite as long as Daddarios I can say their new packaging change has improved the durability of the strings hands immensely. I got a case two months ago and have only gone through 2 of the 12 packs.
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