My guitar has a slight warp in the neck, which is causing the b string to be slightly sharp on the 5th fret, even though it's perfectly intonated at the 12th fret. The 5th fret problem is making tuning a problem. Should i compensate to make the 5th fret in tune, even if it makes the 12th fret slightly flat? I can probably compensate the pitch at higher frets with slight bending and varying fretting pressure, but i'm just not sure.
get your neck fixed? if not then just tune it however you want, depending on where you play the most..

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It may simply be adjustments are required. One your relief may be too extreme if you note a warp in your neck (at least I hope that's what it is for your sake!). Secondly your intonation may not be correct. There severla poster's here that have the procedures for checking/correcting this. Forgive me but I'm a little tired of reposting the procedures.
Moving on.....
Take it to a tech and ask them thats what I do I usually just email my tech about an issue and when he fixes it he lets me go back in his shop with him and watch him do it.
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Get yourself a hex wrench, and do the job yourself. Don't let some tech charge you fifty bucks for it. Go use google and find out how to do it.
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