alright its pretty self explaned but i'll explain

just add a few songs of your choice which you think should be downloaded

note:yes i am trying to make the most epic playlist of all time
well ill get us started

1.paint it black-rolling stones
3.smokin in the boys room-motley crue

go my dear get out of here this city is on lockdown
1. Chapel of Ghouls - Morbid Angel
2. Groan of Wind - Kalmah
3. In my Darkest Hour - Megadeth
5. life by the drop-SRV
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Paint it Black: The Black Dahlia murder :P:
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I Wanna **** A Dog In The Ass- Blink 182
So What- Metallica
Best Of Both Worlds- Miley Cyrus
Party Boy Techno- Jackass
12) Metal Church - Metal Church
13) Down - Bury Me In Smoke
14) Pantera - Shedding Skin
15)float on-modest mouse
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You Learn-Alanis Morrisette (HAHA JUST KIdding

BOOM BOOM BOOM-John Lee Hooker
Yesterday-The Beatles
Like A Rolling Stone-Bob Dylan
Tears In Heaven-Eric Clapton
* "A Dream for Us"
* "Be With You"
* "Behind The Smile"
* "Body & Soul"
* "Breathe"
* "Dial My Number"
* "Don't Ask"
* "Don't Say Goodbye"
* "Enough Love"
* "Everytime"
* "Full of You"
* "I Don't Wanna Lose Her"
* "I Don't Want to Be Your Lover"
* "I'll Be Fine"
* "I'll Never Let You Down"
* "I'll Never Set You Free"
* "In The Name of Love"
* "Is This Really Love"
* "Just Good Friends"
* "Keep It Turned On"
* "Learning to Live"
* "Let's Go out Tonight"
* "Modern Girl"
* "Miracle"

* "Natures Gift"
* "Never Gonna Give You Up"
* "Never Knew Love"
* "No More Looking for Love"
* "One Night Stand"
* "Really Got a Problem"
* "Remember The Days"
* "Romeo Loves Juliet"
* "Slipping Away"
* "So Glad"
* "Some Kinda Love"
* "Stop Breaking Your Heart"
* "The Bottom Line"
* "The Love Has Gone"
* "The Ones You Love"
* "This Must Be Heaven"
* "Till Then (Time Stands Still)"
* "Vincent"
* "Waiting For the Bell to Ring"
* "Wanna Believe You"
* "What You See Is What You Don't Get"
* "When You Gonna" (with Lisa Carter)
* "When You Love Someone"
* "Wonderful You"
* "You Move Me"
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enter sandman
your crazy
dont cry
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Floods- Pantera
What The Hell Have I?- Alice In Chains
Boston- Peace of Mind
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note:yes i am trying to make the most epic playlist of all time

3.smokin in the boys room-motley crue

That is an epic fail.
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Pretty fly for a white guy - The Offspring
Ex's and Oh's - Atreyu
Prisoner of Society - Living End
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how do i searchbar?

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1812 Overture
Adagio for Strings (Barber)
Adagietto (Mahler)
Christmas Time is Here (Vince Guardillo Trio)
Yai Yai- Steve Vai
Bamboo -Satriani
Trademark -Eric Johnson
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Crazy Train-Ozzy
I'm broken-Pantera
Crazy Bitch-Buckcherry
I like R&B Slow Jam & Funk songs best. Comment me if you likey.
Pretty much all music is good to me.
Haters gonna hate
Stairway to heaven


I wanna hold your hand

lol 3 random but amazing songs
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Iron Maiden - The Trooper
Metallica - Call Of Ktulu
Children Of Bodom - Follow The Reaper
Racer X - Scarified

solo time!
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i wish i could see Children Of Bodom agen
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Granted. But you have to endure support by the Miley Cyrus, Jonas Brothers and a steaming turd.

1. Death
2. Children Of Bodom
3. Metallica
4. Megadeth
5. Pantera
6. Cannibal Corpse
Oomph! - Laybrinth
Screeching Weasel - Hey Suburbia
Big D and the Kids Table - Moment without an end
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I Wanna **** A Dog In The Ass- Blink 182
You haven't truly experienced this song until you have 4 drunk German stangers singing it to you while going 110mph in a french van.

I'll add a few:

Bitches Ain't **** - Ben Folds

Black Hole Sun - Soundgarden
Say Hello To Heaven - Temple Of The Dog
Would? - Alice In Chains
Iris - Goo Goo Dolls
Bastards of Young - The Replacements
everything paul gilbert has ever done

too epic
Mastodon- Blood and Thunder
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I want this **** forever - lil wayne
pussy, money, weed - lil wayne
over mode-infected muschroom
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I want this **** forever - lil wayne
pussy, money, weed - lil wayne

lol r u srs
Wish you were here-Pink Floyd
Three little bears-Jimi hendrix
Hocus Pocus-Focus
My Michelle-GnR
Great gig in the sky-Pink Floyd
Ramble on-Led Zeppelin
Stone the crow-Down
Funk 49-James Gang
Little wing-SRV
Baba O reily(sp?)-The who
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Quiet - This Will Destroy You
Prayer of the Refugee - Rise Against
Please Play this Song on the Radio - NOFX
Arms Wide Open - Creed
As Long As You Love Me - Backstreet Boys
Jet City Woman - Queensryche
Part III - Bad Religion
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