Hi everyone,

I just bought an Epiphone Valve Standard last week brand new, it was the last one in the shop. I love everything about the amp except for a few inconsistencies. This is my first tube amp so i didn't know what to expect. I've looked on some forums about this amp and a few other people have had the same problem with hum.

It's really weird because when i start using the amp there isn't much feedback, then after 30 mins or so(when the tubes are hot) it makes this real annoying hum. When i put the gain on 0 the hum is still there and it increases with MV knob.

Also sometimes when i switch to standby it makes a pop noise that doesn't good for the speakers(or wherever it's coming from).

It may be the tubes, but during random times i can hear a burning sound inside the amp. I'm just curious as to whether all these things are common in tube amps and what can i do to fix it. Or should i ring up the guitar shop from where i bought it and ask for a refund.

Thanks alot,
Hmm, could the hum be caused by your guitar?

I dunno, if you have single coils, sometime they hum. Mine do...

If you're worried, I suppose you should take it in to where you bought it, and have them look at it. Some kind of warranty, or no?
definiely not the guitar as i have tried disconnecting all the cables from the amp and the hums still there. Even when the gain is on zero the hum is still there if the master volume is on.