Ok, I don't really know jack **** about amps, and I was planning on buying a new one for a talent show I'm going to be in and just messin around. From some opinions I've gotten this would be really nice


But recently, I saw this one which was cheaper.


I'm just wondering, why is there a difference in price if one has more watts? I was pretty sure about getting the 60 watt though. Anyone who has knowledge I'd appreciate it.
Well, that's exactly what I was looking for, thanks. I thought there was a mistake at first.
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Get the first one. The first one is a trans-tube amp, which is why it costs more, therefore it will produce a better sound over the Solid state amp, which is what the second one is.

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FULL Budget please........ and styles you play.....
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Not to be too picky but the Vypyr 60 has 2 power tubes and 1 preamp tube as a phase inverter so I consider it a hybrid amp. Yes transtube technology plays a huge roll in the sound the it makes. Of the two, it would be the one I would buy.


There are other amps out there too.

Home or Gig? (both)
New or Used?
Current gear?

WTF you beat me to it, slow posting ftl
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Well um, Epiphone Les Paul, Digitech RP250, and as for what I play, Very Very diverse. I play stuff from Hendrix to Children of Bodom. Incase anyone hates on that, /flameshield
And budget, is almost not enough for it, luckily GC is having a sale the day after my b'day( Feb 16) and 10% off means about 400 and I was planning on chipping about $200 in. as you can tell, the money tree in my backyard never grew much.
ID say sell the RP and buy the Vypyr 75/tube 60 + Sanpera II footswitch...........
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Well, I'll think about that sanpera thing. I've heard that the wah isn't good though, and I love my digitech whammy, and the wah. Hell I love the whole thing, couldn't stand to sell it. But thanks for all the help.
WTF had a good option.

I have a RP250. It's not that bad. You can run it on a tube amp but it will take away from the amps original tone. They also work well on solid state amps. So will you have $400 or $600? Big difference.

Valveking is pretty versatile but will need a new speaker and OD pedal to do COB. B52 is pretty good. So is the Randall RG50TC. There is a 6505+ combo coming out for $500 I think but I don't know how it would do Hendrix. Also check your local craigslist for killer amps or use the link in my sig.