Ok so I've been a strat player for awhile now and I'm becomeing displeased with the neck and bridge positions. So I've decided that I'm gonna mod it so it can become my "perfect guitar". I'm gonna shove a Mo'joe in the bridge and a either a PAF Pro or PAF Joe in the neck , and im gonna leave the texas special in the middle.

I've already checked under my pickguard and its routed for HSH so im good to go.

One problem, I want to be able to split each humbucker. I have no idea how to do that. Basicly I'm looking for this:

I want the 5 way switch to preform like it would on a Ibanez or something when the "button" is down and when its up I want to be able to select each indivudal coil from each pickup. I know its possibe to do this but I have no idea how to wire this.....


Thanks in advance!
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Im actually just embarking on the whole pickup installing and coil tap bit, and theres quite alot to learn. Definitely check out the Ultimate wiring thread. This site also has alot of diagrams for mods such as parallel/series, coil tap etc. And although your not installing seymour Duncans, their wiring diagrams have lots of useful info
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