A long-forgotten apology
now seems useless
in atrophy,

A recessive decline of life
leads to inflation of hallucinogen use,
Lies are fed to the mouths of those who listen
and the unwise king decrees,
the unwise king decrees

Dejected views on this are liable,
liable to cause unneeded panic,
We are, we are fine,
we are fine to live today,

Corroded dreams ooze
out of tattered flesh,
A love broken and unrequited

We walk into perilous parapets
of self-righteous politicians,
It's easy to live in a world of low expectations
when you're not allowed to live prosperously,
when the unwise prince decrees,
the unwise prince decrees

Today panic is needed,
Your lives are in danger and you must depend,
depend on me to correct the wrongs of the aristocrats,
Lean on me, lean on me,
lean on me in fear of tomorrow

I can't decide if it's too obvious what it's about, or if it's okay as is.
I also can't decide on a title, so the thread title is just "as of now." Any suggestions are welcomed. :]

Lemme know what you think, and leave me something to check out.