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Do you live in soviet russia? Because only in soviet russia do YOU take advantage of GC.

I'm planning on picking up a DigiTech XAS-DD if they still have one.
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Justice4AllOne pretty much mentioned all of my ideas so yeah...pointless pun post.

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Thanks fer settin me straight on that Justice

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I was thinking that too, Justice usually seems like a pretty knowledgeable guy.
Every week GC has some "can't miss" sale. This time they are offering gift cards if you spend certain amounts which I guess is kinda cool. Does anyone know when (what time of year) they actually have a sale that is a GOOD sale with good products (not the same old MG100DFX for 549)? TS, have fun getting your new guitar though.
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I plan on rewiring all the amp heads to run into different cabs, thereby confusing and scaring the hell outta people Basically just the usual **** I do when I'm in there.
I had to laugh when I heard the radio ads hyping this weekends sale touting the awesome deals on mic stands...I mean, I know they're useful, but that's your big hyped product on sale? You're GUITAR Center.


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As my sig once said: "Guitar Center is like the short bus of guitar shops; it may have air conditioning and a radio, but it's always full of ****in retards."
there arent really any good sales at gc.
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this is like comparing a flushing toilet to a hole in the ground