I'm primarily a guitarist, but I want a drum set so that I can lay down some drum tracks at my house without having to drag my recording gear over to my drummer's house and vice versa. I also want to branch out from my main band and do some solo stuff. Due to the fsct that I live in a duplex and have a wife and small child, I want/need an electronic set as opposed to acoustic so as to reduce the complaining and/or police visits to my house. I want to spend like $800 or less, so can someone recommend a set for me? Perferably someone who has actually played an electronic set and can tell me how realistic it sounds and how well it will hold up to all of banging(thats what she said )
Roland V-Drums are pretty much where it's at as far as electronic drum kits go. Some of the Yamaha stuff is pretty good as well but I find the feel of the Rolands to be a lot more natural.
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ahem... under 800 connor045?

not gonna get much good under 800.

i suggest either craigslist/ebay (best search site for both:http://www.jaxed.com/cgi-bin/mash.cgi?cat=mus) or saving $200 more and getting this: http://www.guitarcenter.com/Simmons-SD9K-Electronic-Drum-Set-104925102-i1401445.gc

if not, try these:
rolands are top of the line, but can get very expensive. if you want a cheap, reliable, electronic drum set, try Simmons. Don't use Yamaha I've found they suck comparatively, also you can use a guitar amp to amplify, or for a hundred or two you can get a specific drum amp. or buy a pair of headphones
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