i went to the guitar shop but didnt find anything that i liked enough over my current guitar so i plan on buying something online.

i think the seagull s6 would be pretty good for me but ive only see them available in cedar tops. i think id like the sound of spruce better, but the main thing is still playability (ironically, since im buying online now).

but anyways, i tried out what i could and realized i liked the guitars that had wider fretboards and also had good solid deep responsive sounding bass strings (maybe the attack?) as well as a nice high end. i guess they were solid spruce tops and dreadnaught bodies (and maybe the strings had something to do with it).

so im wondering what are some known good acoustics with wide fretboards rather than being considered slim?

my budget is loose but id like to cap it off around 1000.
I picked up a Taylor 310 recently.. It's far wider and thicker than my Alvarez or Ovation.
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I can't think of any other acoustic guitar with a nut as wide as a Seagull(1.8"). Most companies don't go any larger than 1.75".
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Tacoma guitars often have pretty wide necks. They're also a larger radius, so they feel a bit more like a classical.
Seagull is probably your best option. They have really wide necks and boards. Very comfortable for me with my trash can lid hands.
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