im modding my strat with some electronics changes and a tone zone in the bridge (its HSS) and figured the singles might as well be replaced to better match the tone zone for output. i plan on a coil tap for a good blended sound with the mid pup but even split it puts out more than a stock fender.
the red velvets from dimarzio seem nice and sound good in demos ive checked out but im not sure what to expect (no chance to actually try them out). anybody ever try them out? would they be to high output to get the glassy mid scooped strat sounds in positions 2 and 4?
im looking for a single with some balls to drive the tubes for the neck and doesnt sound typical neck pickup muddy and for the middle i just want something that will blend well with the bridge in single mode and the neck to get that classic position 2 and 4 strat sound seeing as i dont use the middle only position much.
any oppinions or suggestions for the neck and middle single coil positions that fit that description are welcome.