I'm looking for something with specs as follows.
Budget of around $2500 AUD.

-All tube amp (2x12 half stack or combo, $$$ depending)
-Needs to be able to play over a drum kit.
Ie Using to practice/jam etc..
-So 30 – 60watt…?
-Something with foot switchable channels (clean/dirty)
-A one or two of FX would be good (at least some reverb). Doesn’t have to be a ‘modelling’ amp as such…
But a built in FX loop would be good for future versatility.
Ie I’ll be getting a wah pedal, but maybe a multi-FX pedal/board with wah etc, might work ok if no inbuilt FX loop/reverb etc?
-Preferably a 2x12. (Celestions a bonus)

Playing mostly rock/rockabilly/blues type stuff. Few bluesy licks & bit of lead.
Touch of punk riffs/distortion when I’m feeling lazy/mucking around. No real need for full on metal type distortion though.
On a Gibson LP studio.
I’ve found myself droooooling over the mesa/boogie lone star special. The price tag is killing me though.

Amps I’ve looked at/been researching;
Marshall VM series
Orange AD30
Line6 Spider valve 40W
Vox AC30
Fender Hot rod/Deluxe

Theres an old tatty JCM2000 TSL122 marshall for sale cheap in local shop.
But at 100W I think it may be way loud for what Im doing.

Any Ideas for what else i should look at???
Look into one of the above in particular in more detail?
The AD30 and AC30 will be quite nice for what you want. The Spider Valves are mediocre for the price. You could do a Hot Rod Deluxe, but you'd want to mod it, ideally, and the drive on them isn't as nice (imo) as those on the Orange and Vox.

A Marshall Clone would probably be nice for you...an 18watt or Bluesbreaker clone, if you can get your hands on one.
I'm putting my GAS on hold
for a couple months in order to pimp my ride.

Don't judge me.
I’d already have an AC if the channels were foot switchable
Or am I just being picky…?

Are the “blue’s” worth the extra bucks?
yeah i mean the celestion blues.
It's an extra grand for the celestions...!
The white-vinyl heritage model is actually cheaper and has celestions... Cant find anything about it having less than the normal AC30CCx though...?
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