I have a Jackson DKMGT from like 2003 with EMG-HZ pickups. My first guitar was a fairly cheap Ibanez that I got years ago. When I plug into my amp I feel like my cheaper Ibanez sounds better. It just has more bite and what I think is a better sound. However I like the weight, feel, tuners, neck, etc, everything about my DKMGT better and I feel like some new pickups would really help me out. I currently have a Traynor YCV80q so I feel like my amp is fine. I am thinking of an EMG81 and 85... anyone else switch out their HZs with these or have any recommendations?
EMGs are good, but aren't very versatile. Plus it may be kind of tough trying to fit a battery inside the electronic compartments in the Jackson.

I'd say look into some DiMarzios or a good set of Seymour Duncans. A friend of mine put some DiMarzios in his Ibanez, they sounded sick.
the emgs will fit fine, i put them into my jackson. the 81/85 is a very good combination, i definitely recommend it.
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