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Before you crit, don't tell me the chorus is dull and sounds more like a verse, lol.
I planned it like that ^_____^
The whole song comes with a vocal melody and screaming melody too! D:
Crit 4 Crit as ALWAYS!
Just leave a link to yours.

Thank you in advance.
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Hey, Ima be the first to crit yo' song!

Intro - It was good, i like the single noted bars, only because it somehow, i dont know why, fits in with the title of this song. BUT, the drums get kinda awkward at 13,14,15, etc. the fast kick,snare,kick,snare, doesn't sound right, in my opinion.

Chorus- Its pretty cool, i love the drums, good job on it being original. The 2nd guitar at bar 31 kinda conflicts with the first, like its a dissonant harmonization, personally i dont like it, but w/e floats your boat.

Verse- This is close to my favorite part of the song, and I really dont know why, its nothing to special in complexity, but w/e its cool.

Breakdown/Verse - The verse flows well into it, and its nothing to original as far as breakdowns go, but when it gets to bar 58, the lead guitar won me over, i dont know why, it just sounds cool, makes the breakdown/verse part stand out.

Verse 2 - Eh, I didnt like this part very much, i dont know, but its not that great, the thing at bar 81 is good, it adds to it.

Breakdown 2 /verse 3 - I really think the breakdown should have been varied some, because it sounds repetitive

Outro - Its ok, i havent heard that kinda outro in forever, so good job.

Overall - Its decent, P.S. I muted the vocals because MIDI and RSE cant keep in time and i cant get the latency down correctly. Overall? 7/10

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Great Job!
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Hey, sorry for the late crit.

Intro: Interesting evil atmosphere, felt a bit empty though until the chords came in.

Chorus: Nice work on the vocals, I like the use of the gunshot effect for the screams, like the drums as well, guitar and bass seemed a bit boring though.

Verse/Breakdown: Nice transition from the chorus, usually I don't particularly like breakdowns from this genre, but I liked this one. Love the riff at bar 83.

Outro wraps it up nicely, Overall 7/10