Maybe some of you have this problem too? If I start playing for a long time, espesually if i'm playing for people my finger tips sweat a bit and my pick becomes trouble to hold onto just right. I try drying off my hand and pick on my jeans but it only helps for a minute.

So does anyone know a way to make your pick stay in your fingers a/o keep your fingers dry? I know there are the cans of paste stuff that provides a better grip for drum sticks and picks but I want somting I can use if i'm on the road or somthing. Much thanks
Glue? A decent pick?

Dunlop gator grip, Dunlop Tortex, Dunlop Jazz....the list goes on. or just grip tighter.
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put some electrical tape on it then use a knife to slice in little squares to create a type of grip, it works for me
i use a thumb pick for everything. never comes off.
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get a pic with a grip on it already
COOL pics have them and theyre great
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I take a sharp metal pick (think end of a dart) and scratch in grooves on both sides and it works out great for me.

Other then that you can get specific picks or pick glue...
Buy a Thumb Picks.
The ones u put on ur thumb, normally used for finger picking but really helpful for this problem...and losing picks
Tape a small bit of sandpaper to it. Well, actually, nevermind. Don't do that. Too rough.

Instead, go to your local sporting goods store and buy athletic tape. A small piece of that on each side of the pick should help. It will also absorb the sweat from your fingers. You'll have to change the tape, but other than that it's one of the best things I can come up with.
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A 1/16 drill bit and a bunch of holes.
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like the first guy said. you've got to hold on harder.

but also, what picks are you using? I use Dunolp Big Stubbys. and they get slippery every once in a while, but i have some Dunlop Gator Grips too, and those NEVER slip.
I have the same problem. I have actually learned to play without a pick because of that, and I can play much faster without a pick. The problem is that I get a subdued tone. To solve the slipping pick problem I took some sticky hockey tape and put 2 pieces on either side of the pick across the top half and left the bottom bare. Then I trimmed the excess tape off, and wallah, no more slipping. It works for me. Just replace the tape every once and awhile and your set.
There used to be a product called Gorilla Snot, which was made for this type of problem.
It came in a little jar, similar to a Carmex jar. It was really sticky. I'm not sure if they still make it or not though.
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Super glue.
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