I recorded some songs. I'm pretty new to this. I was never able to get a band together, so I decided I'd just record bass, guitar, and drums on FL studio.


be honest, be brutal if you feel you have to. just let me know what I need to work on.

listen to "Robots!? Oh no!" 'cause that's the only real song on the profile.
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Well, I really dont know what to say man. I think you surely should do some more work. Drums need to be louder for sure and a little more in time and energy put into them. The guitar sounded a bit amateurish but theres nothing wrong with that as I did that also so I cant say anything about that.

I think its awesome that your willing to throw something together and put it out there. I would like to hear more when you have them in the future.

Keep at it man. It will come! Listen to other songs, especially the ones you like, and try to get your tunes to "sound" like them. Bt that I mean where I can hear the bass, drums and guitar in a pocket and distinguished. Right now its just kind of "sounds". Youll get it man.
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thanks dude! yeah I think the guitar sounded kind of bad because of how I had the gain like all the way up when I recorded it. But thanks! I'll post again in this thread when I have something new up.
Sorry for taking so long getting back. Yeah. But I still feel a drag for some reason. But that is so much better than what I remember. Do me a personal favor, leave the other version so up so that I can compare. But yeah that was way better!

I forgot it was at myspace! Sorry dude. Disregard that statement! I was thinking that I heard it on your profile but it was myspace. ME STUPID, YOU TARZAN!!
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