I've been poking around UG.com for a while and it seems like a very nice community, I'll hopefully get some much needed help in choosing a new pickup for my Strat.

Well, first of all I've been playing guitar for about a year now with a 9 month bass stint before that. The MIM Fat strat has been serving me well, but I find that the bridge bucker just isn't hot enough for my tastes. I like to play Heavy and Thrash metal, and my favorite band is Iron Maiden, but I'd still like the option of going heavier if I need to. I usually use a little Peavy Backstage II with through Boss MT-2 since I still live in the dorms, and people get pretty worked up when you start going crazy with the squealies =\

Anywho, I was thinking of buying a DiMarzio DP 182 Fast Track 2
to replace the stock Humbucker. I don't have a problem buying a new pickguard, I was contemplating buying a Black pickguard anyways because it would look nicer with my rosewood fretboard.
Well i think that a Seymour Duncan JB would do you real nice. Has a very well rounded tone for anything from clean to metal (just ask Lamb Of God).

(^ the end of the world)
Oh, I forgot to mention my price range, duh. I knew I forgot something. Preferably under $100. I'm a college student so I don't have much money to throw around =\
So you're recommending something like this? http://accessories.musiciansfriend.com/product/Seymour-Duncan-SD-TB4-JB-TREMBUCKER?sku=300091
Seymour Duncan S/D TB-4 JB TREMBUCKER

So I guess it's down to the DiMarzio DP 182 Fast Track + a new pick guard (boy, that definitively wins the looks department ^_^) against a Seymour Duncan JB.

Does anybody else have an opinion? Adrian uses a DiMarzio in his Fender, and the fast track has good reviews on musiciansfriend; but I'm no expert on the subject. Help!
I'd suggest a DiMarzio Super Distortion.

check this out. http://dimarzio.com/site/#/pickuppicker/
that should help you a bit.

if you have a Fat Strat, you've got a full size humbucker in the bridge position (i could be wrong). then the Super Distortion would be the way to go. but you say you're looking at the Fast Track 2. that's a single coil humbucker. but it's very similar to the Super Distortion (which Adrian Smith uses almost exclusively) so you'd pretty much get the same sound.