Ok, so im going to be playing bass in the band at my school, but I need a new amp that will be capable of being loud enough. The room I need to play it in is an auditorium that doubles as a basketball court. It has really high ceilings, and is probably roughly about 80 by 70 feet. Also, it will need to be heard over the other instruments which normally consists of 2 or 3 guitars (normally 2 acoustic, 1 electric), drums, and sometimes piano. Any help would be appreciated, and also, what would the price ranges be.
Thanks a ton
Off hand I'd suggest the Behringer BXL3000 which is what I use, it's about 300w and I think it's about $300. It should fill the room quite nicely.
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^ Oh dear god no do not get one of those. How much do you have to spend? That's the best place to start with this kind of thing. Also, what kind of music do you play?

You're going to need at least 150w with a 1x15 or 2x10 speaker setup MINIMUM. You should look into the Ashdown MAG300 combo/halfstack which is 300w and 4x10, which will be more than adequate in this situation.
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Do NOT get a behringer.


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Have a look at my article on setting up a first PA where there is a bit about the backline contribution to the oveall sound. Don't get drawn into volume wars and beware of manufacturers who rate their amps in music power and such like. Be aware that speakers vary in their efficiency also so that it is relatively easy for a 50W amp to sound more than a 100W with inefficient speakers.

For a school band 100w RMS is more than enough for bass so long as your gutarists play at sensible levels. Any more power will give you a potentially cleaner sound but you won,t need it.

A combo with a 15" speaker or 2x10 looks like a sensible buy. I don't know about prices over there but the Ashdown looks like a possibility
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Do NOT get a behringer.

i like behringer mine is great bxl 1200 speakers are crappy but throw a kustom in it and its good as new
If you do want to get a behringer cause thier cheap, try them all out, over alot of shops and im sure youll find a good one.
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i like behringer mine is great bxl 1200 speakers are crappy but throw a kustom in it and its good as new

You are aware their 180W combos have 120W speakers in them? Check their own website. I think that says all you need to about Behringer.
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