Hey guys I have a Washburn W164 idol series with the crackled paint job.

I love the body and neck of my guitar but to be honest I'm not very impressed with the VOC system and the pick ups. I was wondering if anyone knew how the VOC system would change and such if I wanted to put EMG 81/85 pick ups on it. I really don't know anything about changing pick ups so any advice would be helpful.
yeah course, youll need to replace the pots of course for compatibility with active electronics

this will of course romove the VOC capabilities (i think it's just coil split?) but yeah, theres the emg81TW if you're into splitting coils
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81+85 emg ZW set, im in australia not sure about US prices but i estimate they'd be like 250-300? dont quote me on it, where bouts ya located ?

EDIT: turns out they cost avg around 200 in the US, there's some cheaps ones on the bay but i'd imagine theyd be 220 ish at GC
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I live in California. I just looked the the pick ups themselves cost around $200 together so you are right about that but what else would I need to get.
well you can get a dude to install them for you or you can do it yourself. you just need a decent soldering iron and some solder, maybe some wire cutters too. good luck, i'd read tutorials on the net on how to install the emgs if i were you, but if you dont feel so hot DIY then just get a dude to do it for you at GC or something itll cost like 50 bucks or something? not too sure, anyways good luck
Several things:
1: Its WI64, not W164.
2: That looks beautiful
3: You can get splittable EMGs, so you could still use the VCC (Provided the VCC works with 25K pots)
4: For more information contact the GB&C forum.
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