Those moments when I want to plug my Stratacoustic are marred by horrendous feedback, especially through a pedal and I'm looking for a soundhole cover to try and reduce this.

The hole is an oval with approx 100mm x 78mm diameters. I've googled my fingers off and cannot find anything suitable. I don't want one of the lutecovers as that don't really suit the strat and they cost the earth.

I'm prepared to make one if necessary using latex or silicone or something but I'm sure it would end up really tacky looking.

Has anyone seen anything that may be suitable?

From the deafening silence I'll gather that such a product is not available. At least I know it's not my googling skills slipping

Ok so I guess my only opition is to make one up. My theory is this: To me they look like a great big rubber stopper...SO

If I cut an oval from flexible plastic slightly smaller than the sound hole. Then cut a templates sound hole the same thicknes as the body of the guitar. Use plumbers putter or something similar to create a 'fence' around the underside of the template hole a couple of mm from the edge then lay the whole thing onto an oiled or greased flat surface or even cooking grease paper.
Then use more plumbers putty to create a fence on the upper part of the template ensuring everything is well oiled/greased.
Then fill the cavity up to the template surface with latex and lay the plastic cut out oval in the middle of this. The continue to fill the cavity up to the level of the upper 'fence' with latex but making it concave so as not to make the whole thing too stiff.

Can anyone see a problem with this methodology or suggest a better way?

Also do you think that plumbers silicone would work instead of latex? I have some black stuff already so would save me money as well? I rather think that it will split but I've never really tried it for an application as this!

Either way, it is not going to be pretty, but it's just for use at home so beggars can't be choosers I guess.

Cheers for listening to my rantings
i'm going to go ahead and ask you if your amp is an acoustic amp.

in the form of a statement...
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Not that I'm aware of. It's a Fender/Squire 15watt jobbie, just for home practice. I would be very surprised if it was an acoustic one (not that I'd know how to tell).

From my readings, these Stratacoustics seem to be particularly prone to feedback.
Putting and old cd across the soundhole works well.
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That actually gives me an idea. If I can get one of the black ones, put a short bar on one side (longer than the shortest diameter of the soundhole) attached to a knob or screw through the hole and some soft felt or something where the Cd contacts the body that would give me a perfect way of attaching and detaching the Cd. I would simply align the bar to the longest diameter and when in place, turn the knob to move the bar across the shortest diameter holding the disk in place. I would use a spring to keep the pressure on. It would keep it reasonably neat looking and hopefully stop the feedback.

I.O.T.M you are a genius.

I will post pics of the results once I've sorted it.

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Cheers Phat-O-Caster but these were the ones I saw previously.

They are circular rather than oval so wouldn't fit. I think that they will custom make ones but they would cost more than the standard ones. Also, the colours don't really suit a gloss black Stratacoustic unless I painted it (the cover NOT the guitar ).

Thanks anyway for looking!
its not that difficult most people make them out of snack can lids when they cant afford a read one or have a super cheap acoustic, and are you sure the problem is feedback?
it's either your pickups that are bad or that you're mixing acoustic pickups with an electric amp.
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I can play all my acoustics through my little vintage peavey practice amp, just not with distortion :P or i have teh same problem cage UK is....

I don't think a soundhole cover is gonna help... try playing the guitar facing away from the amp?

still feeding back? then a soundhole cover aint gonna do u no good, mane.
I'll have to try those things next time I have the amp out then in case I'm on a wild goose chase.

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CageUK Hi CageUK Did you find any solution? I got the dame problem with my Telecoustic

Ostensibly, since the last post on the topic was on Feb 14, 2009, he has, or he has given up.

AFAIK, "Planet Waves" makes a sound hole plug. You can try any of the big online music retailers, for one of those, (Musician's Friend, Sweetwater, zZounds, and others) for another potential brand. There is also "Stewmac", a mainly tools, parts, and materials. supplier.

Make certain you measure the size of your sound hole before you go shopping, as not all are the same, and most plugs only have a certain range of fitment.

If you have any more questions, feel free to  start your own thread, as our mod will likely lock this one, due to its age.
Kinda wish that every Stratacoustic had a soundhole cover on it, am I right? Heyo!

(Gimme a break; it's a necro from 2009.)
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The oval shape is likely the problem. I would just make one out of high density foam, maybe with a fancy top. I once seriously considered filling my reso with polystyrene peanuts to prevent feedback. I doubt it would have done anything good for the acoustic tone, except perhaps to the ears of my long-suffering wife.