Don't know if this is the right thread but here goes;

I need a keyboard recommendation, my bands idea is to replace our traditional bass player with myself(or someone) to instead plays low bass lines and the like on keys.

We need a keyboard capable of very low tones live, as well as synth/grand high frequencies. My budget is around 400.

Any synth will do tbh. For synths, do NOT buy new because you can buy lots of amazing old stuff for the same price on eBay, etc. Nord Modulars go for pretty cheap and they are amazingly versatile (because they are modular). Also check out Roland Junos for some sick old school noises. Any Novation will also be pretty good (K-Station, A-Station, Bass Station). There are looots more. Check out www.vintagesynth.com for more info (and look up ads there too).
I use the Yamaha P70 stage piano.

Got this Roland Synth on eBay for £260.

I had a Juno D Roland Synth, it was fantastic but I sold it to fund for a new preamp for my rack.
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