I bought this guitar sometime in the 80's from a music fayre in Brentwood Essex.

My best mate and myself both were young and impressionable and liked the sound of the active electronics and got one each. He still has his as well.

I have searched all over the 'net but cannot find any information on this guitar at all.

I'm assuming that is is pretty rare because of this. I am not looking to sell it (unless it's worth thousands LOL) because I have got the action and the playability just right for me. I do have to sort out a slight intonation problem but I love playing this guitar.

I know Kimbaras are commissioned for FCN so are just a brand name.

The guitar is an LP copy with active electrics which includes gain/sustain control, phase, and autowah.
I don't ever remember getting an owners manual with it.

I'll post a pic if needed (haven't got one of it presently)

Are there any archivists out there that may have information that would be useful?

Many thanks

That may help.

Search Kimbaba Guitar 181 in google.
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Hi Kingyem0c0re

Thanks for that. I had found that passage and it's repeated on a couple of different sites but there is only a fleeting reference to the 181v and that only acknowledges it's existence.

It would be nice to know a little about the guitar itself (how many were made/are in existance, is it sought after? etc). I like my Kim a lot and I think the icing on the cake would be if it was a true vintage guitar.

I believe this guitar was bought by me in the 1970's from Berry Pianos in Barking and later sold to the music shop in the town square Basildon 1986. Nice guitar although quite heavy.