Your help, UG-ers, as ever would be much appreciated.

I'm looking for a new amp for electric guitar. I have managed to clear the decks and sell some stuff that I've had lying around, so I have a reasonable budget. I wouldn't say "money no object" but I'll pay to get the right thing. I'm in the UK.

What I'm looking for are recommendations for a small practice amp that will be used at home only but that will give out some great tones - an amp that will actually make me want to plug in and play rather than waste time searching for a decent tone). I'm generally not a fan of amps with onboard fx and I'm thinking tube rather than SS, but I'm open-minded to all sensible suggestions.

I play a mix of classic rock, metal and blues (anything from SRV at the clean end to Rammstein at the distortus maximus!)

Please suggest away!!


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i would recommend you the Fender Vibro Champ XD, i have it myself its class a tube amp wiht 5 watt, and belive me its good 5 watt! go try it
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Highly mod'able too.
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Thanks for the suggestions guys. I will try out those 2.

Any others?

Ibanez SZ720FM (Duncan Distortion and a 59)
Fender 60s (Mex) Strat - (SD vintage pups)
Blackstar HT5
EHX Metal Muff
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its extremely hard to recomend something without at least a vague budget or max price
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Used Marshall JCM... Probably the best bang for your buck, as well as versatile and my GOD it can roar
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I think an Engl Combo would fit your bill, and they are located in Europe so should be cheaper
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Erm, ok - I guess I'm not looking to spend more than £200. I will though - if there's something ideal. The emphasis is on small (this thing ain't leaving home and needs to be "compact") with great tone.

I'll check out Blackstar too.

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