The stock pickups in the classic player 60's strat have the vintage staggering on a flat 12" fretboard and non-wound g string. This makes the G string sound really loud and the E and B strings sound really weak. The edges aren't beveled and look like the machine did just grind them off so would it be possible to grind down the G and D poles.

another option I thought was maybe to turn the pickups around so that the low E and A strings get the short poles. Would that work?
...Lower the pickups maybe? Let's try what isn't permanent first... ><

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Can't you adjust the pole pieces?
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^you can with plastic bobbin pickups but the CS 69's are forbon bobbin so you can't adjust the poles.

Unfortunately there isn't much you can do. Grinding the magnets down could damage your pickups in a couple ways. 1st off the magnetized alnico shavings will be attracted by the main magnets and get sucked back into your pickup and will act like thousands of little saws and eventually cut the wire inside your pickup rendering it useless. 2nd problem is that alnico is very hard so grinding it is a very slow process. The friction from grinding will get the magnets hot which will effect their magnetic properties and they might get hot enough to melt the copper wire inside the pickup again leaving it useless.

If your not happy with your current pickups then sell them on ebay and then use the money you get to by a new set of pickups that doesn't have staggered poles. I make a flush pole 69 set that is very good and I'm sure there are other pickup makers that would be willing to make you a custom set with flush poles.

Turning the pickups around will change the unbalanced tone so that it is unbalanced in a different way but it's not going to actually fix anything.
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