I had my guitar setup the other day and the dude complained that he couldn't sort out all the buzz (though he did a pretty good job) because my neck was warped. Apparently I bought a "cheap" guitar (discontinued Ibanez EDR-170 ). While I don't disagree that this may not be a high end model it's in excellent shape and I can't afford anything else. The last owner probably didn't take care of it too well either.

I was sort of just toying with the idea (someone I know suggested it) of replacing the neck (shame since I'll lose the Ibanez headstock but I'll make my own).

Of course need to make sure the neck dimensions are exactly the same. What else do I need to look out for? Where to get a good neck?
You could just buy a Wizard II neck, since that's what it has.
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You could just buy a Wizard II neck, since that's what it has.

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Thirded. Also, some techs just plain old stink, he might have just said that after trying a few of his favorite set up tricks and getting no luck, I wouldn't be so quick to assume your neck is warped just because some local shmoe told you so.

Then again, he might be right, but all I'm saying is figure it out for yourself after doing some research; he might be yanking your chain because he's not that good.