My band has:

NEW DATES :: Please check them out and come to them! (England only ATM/Europe in summer hopefully)
TICKETS ON SALE :: For our Leeds show!

And I also wan your feedback and to know whether any UGers fancy coming to any shows?
Don't be too harsh though mind, as I wrote all those tracks (Im the vocalist but obvs play guitar also!)

Cheers guys!

Any feedback will be returned. What sorta sound do you think we should be loking for in our debut release with our new label?

- Michael
I've been here since '04.

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SCRAWNBAG :: Liking the stuff, good guitar playing going on there. Yeah our bassist can play keys, now that we're going to be having studio costs subsided and can spend longer we're considering overdubbing some synth strings etc. But dont want to stray to far into the enter shikari side of screamo/electronica!

EYEBANEZ333: Cool video. PM me when you have some tracks!
I've been here since '04.

honest crit:
I was enjoying it till i listened to This Won't Last Forever

guitars at the start are the same as in The Webs We Weave by Escape the Fate

stealing FTL

but the rest of the stuff was fairly good
some nice riffs around the place but a few of them are a bit generic

I was supprised when i read the blog about glass records. I guess maybe you pull off a really good live act, but so far i didnt hear anything ground breaking.

I'd happily listen to it though.

Nice web page. i like the design
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