Hi everyone , I'd like to change the stock pickups in my RG to a few that would help me get a good overall 80s rock and hair metal tone. I'd like a pickup set that would enable to transition easily from an early Motley Crue (Girls Girls Girls) to an early Judas priest and Whitesnake. I have three pickup slots, a bridge, a neck, and a middle. I was looking at a tonezone in the bridge, a PAF Pro in the neck, a Fast Track 1 in the middle. BTW the guitar is made of basswood, has a maple neck, and has a rosewood fretboard, the amp is a POD X3(I Love It). Passive pickups please. thanks for your help everyone !!!!
If you want to spend a little more, you can't go wrong with a Bareknuckle Cold Sweat set for those tones.
Now I'd go the DiMarzio route and have a choice between Super Distorts, D Activator, X2N and possible Air Norton in the neck. Perm 2 from 4. Is that middle a single coil size? Then the classic Hot Rails will give the most authentic sound of the era you are talking about.
If budget permits you could go for custom wound from one of the guys on here.
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Super Distortions are pretty much the 80's pickup.
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Tone Zone for bridge!

I have a PAF Pro in the neck of my PGM100 and I'm actually not a fan of it too much. Not as clear as I'd like, a little fizzy/buzzy. I'm thinking about swapping out the whole set for a Tone Zone in the bridge, and Air Norton in the neck
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I run a Tonezone, blue velvet and Paf Pro and I get great 80's tones from my RG. If you go Dimarzio id be thinking Tonezone/Super Distorsion for the Bridge and Air Norton/Paf Pro in the neck.

Also I think id be looking at a proper single coil for the middle, I just cant bring myself to like the tone of the stacked singles, they just arn't humbuckers. Grab a True Velvet or if you can find a blue Velvet go with that.
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when you say early judas priest do you mean sad wings of destiny or do you actually mean 80's priest like defenders of the faith?

tone zones are good but they're definitely too much for SWoD and probably slightly too thick for DotF as well although they'd be quite good for a whitesnake kinda sound.

personally from what you've said you're after i'd look at a super distortion for the bridge or maybe a super 3 which i THINK (havent heard one myself) is kind of splitting the difference between the tone zone and super distortion.

at the end of the day what you really need is a JCM800 though