I did a wee bit of forum research for your advice on some fun/easy songs for bands, but most of what I saw was best suited for 2 guitarists, or at the very least, a dedicated stick player. I play in a Three Piece group, weve been together for a few months and are prepping for our first show.

Some of the songs we do are....

My Name is Jonas - Weezer
Zombie - The Cranberries
Turn the Page - Metallica
Live Forever - Oasis

My question is....are you a singer and a guitarist? If so, what would you sudgest? I like stuff thats somewhat heavy, but it doesnt have to be fast. Ive been playing about ten years (most of it as on an acoustic stick) , and yet somehow never taken formal lessons. (Looking to recitify that soon, i want to learn scales, leads and some advanced soloing).

What are some fun, or easy, or fan favorite songs that a three piece stick player would do?
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