Just a song I wrote. Crit for crit.

3 a.m in the morning
and I'm still wide awake
The phone is echoing down the empty hallway
sending ripples through the silent air

The streets below are dead
The tender words you spoke have been forsaken
I always thought of you as someone to believe in
A Joke that i wish i had mistaken

you never knew what you meant anyway
You just grabbed for the opportunities
That came your way
The accessibility of all the drugs you take
Just to say "I don't feel lonely."

All the work you have to do
Just to perform the work that you rehearsed
It reminds of the dreams you once believed in
The heroin that satisfies the worst

Shared smiles, but their fake
Crazy language suspended on your finger tip
The bad thoughts you have trouble containing
Bleed and rest upon your tainted lips

You never know what you're doing anyway
You just follow down the path of least resistance
To get away
It's all an indefinite ideology that
You believe just to be indifferent

But I won't tell anyone
I won't jump the gun
I'll remain as quiet as the flowers
that you wore on the fourth of July
in 1995