is it just me or has pop punk evolved into something completely gay? i love blink 182, green day, the ramones, screaching weasel, and the descendents; i have a hard time getting into new pop punk bands like fallout boy and my chemical romance though, for a lack of a better term now-a-days pop punk just seems like a bunch of guys in black make up not having fun and acting like clowns, anybody else feelin' this or just me?
Edit: ^that was completely irrelevant and uncalled for.

I wouldn't even consider bands like Fall Out Boy or My Chemical Romance pop punk. They're really just mainstream pop/rock bands.

But yeah, I do think the pop punk scene is kind of going downhill.
hey now, from the look of it, a lot of pop punk bands are coming back. hopefully bringing back the most fun genre ever made.
Well that's somewhat true. I would much rather hear the new Green Day and Blink music be overplayed then the Nickelback crap that's on it right now.
if i wanted to listen to guys grunting and loud noises i'd hang out at a factory mmaddogg