Close your eyes
and turn away
It's the inconveniences
That plague you today
I'm sick and tired of telling you that you're wrong
Just close your eyes, it will all be gone

Turn out the lights
And fade to black
There's no more decisions
or revisions, no turning back
This repetition never ends with a smile
Maybe you will change your mind and make it all worthwhile

The dawn is breaking
and the worst has past
You'll take care of her and
though it will never last
You'll still remember her until you lay down and die
It's always the hardest part of saying goodbye

No, I don't think you
Know what love is
And I don't think your ignorance
Will ever pass
I'm not trying to say I don't believe in you
I just wish I didn't have to accept what is clearly untrue
I like it. If I could record vocals and use these lyrics to my new track, I definitely would. Nice work.
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