Well, I think that the Ibanez E-GEN18 is really awesome. If I could get it in dark blue instead of purple, and maybe without the kung-fu grip, it would be soooooo awesome!
What I hate? Hm.....Don't have 1 single model or company, but I don't quite like the sort of overdone X shapes or other way too awkward looking guitars, a simple X like a Ibz Xiphos or a Jackson Warrior is enough.
Im a big fan of gibsons, but not so much their price tag. i wouldnt have bought my explorer if not for a good deal.

That said, im a huge fan of ESP's, Ive owned a few in the past that i reluctantly had to sell, and im thinking about getting an EC-1000 in the future. something about that les paul style just fits me perfect.

I also enjoy the bigger style guitars like an explorer or a firebird, but I agree, alot of companies are overdoing the X style shape. even the Xiphos i think is a tad much.
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