I bought a cab of eBay and basically its come in a lot worse state that was shown in the pictures. The seller has tried gluing the ripped parts of the leather and totally made a hash of it and I cant send it back because hes a dick.
So I wana see if I can sort of re-leather the cab.
Its an ashdown 8x10 so Im gona need a lotta leather.
I dont know where to look to get the leather, and how to even start doing this to be honest.
So any advice would be much appreciated!
Thanks very much!
It's possible but I've never recovered an amp so I have no idea how easy it'll be.
[O.¬] - WTF?
Shouldn't be too difficult...might require more tolex because its an 810 but its do-able.
remove the tolex, buy new tolex, put new tolex on. I use contact cement for my tolex so it will not come off.

repeat actions with grill cloth if needed.

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you have to first think it though then plan it then draw it then you must do it and if you can get the leather you gonna have a time putting it on you'll have to remove both ends of the cab front and back then put it on staple it or something then put the stuff back.
Maplins sell the fabric/tolex/leather but google will probably find it cheaper.

sticking it to the flat bits of the cabinet is easy but sticking around the front edges is much harder.

I've used animal glue heated in a pot, contact adhesive, latex glue (copydex) and white glue(PVA) over the years. All will stick firmly but the fabric tries to uncurl where it is folded especially at the corners. I can't get on with contact adhesive as you have to get it right first time. I've settled on PVA which is cheap and cleans up with water.

Stick the flat areas first then put a layer of glue on the cabinet and the cloth at the edges. Let it become tacky and almost dry. fold it into place and warm it with a hair dryer. this makes the fabric floppy so it stays in place andalso softens the glue which then acts as a contact adhesive. Works a treat.

You can use the hair dryer to soften most adhesives so it will help you get the old stuff off.
It will also help you to stick the scuffed old stuff back down. you can do a reasonable job by blackening the wood of the cabinet with a marker pen then coating torn fabric and cab with PVA. heat and press into place. I've even used an iron tuned low enough to melt the glue but not the plastic.