so were making an acoustic demo tomorrow of one of our songs, and making a video of our acoustic cover of creep. one monday, were recording 2 more songs, and next sunday we'll be taking some professional promo pics

my question is, when should we put up the myspace add friends?
were all ready to do so, but should we wait until we have the photos so the page will look real nice and maybe look more impressive? or maybe start adding people as soon as we have the first song. i mean the sooner the better i guess, but would it do more harm than good if people's first impression of us was a kind of ok-ish myspace with only 1 song on? which isnt our best song anyway (were recording that on monday)

when do we start!?

by the way this is what we got so far
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Start it now, but keep adding to it as you get more stuff. Until you get those promo pics, don't invite anyone, but at gigs (if you have any coming up) mention you have a myspace in the works. That way they'll know the un-updated one isn't your final and are more likely to stick around.
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I'd say wait until you have atleast a few pictures and a layout/ design in mind. No one wants to see a page that doesn't look complete or put together.

make sure you have some songs uploaded.
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