right my guitar teacher said i should learn smells like teen sprit as it would help me learn power chords im doing the chords shapes out im sure im learning root 6 and root 5 but it sounds nothing like it i heard somethign about muting the strings but im not sure
Flatten your index finger over the strings to mute them.

If playing a power chord on the DAE strings, your finger will mute the bottom three strings.

If your chord is on the GDA strings, lay your middle finger over the low E string to mute it. See here: http://www.justinguitar.com/en/BC-017-PowerChords2.php
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Dude, work on your punctuation.
On the subject though, check the tab section on the website. The song itself goes (i'm not sure exactly, but...): F5, A#5, G#5, C#5
IMO Teen Spirit is a little misleading. It IS an easy song to play but the first time you try it it's not going to sound like the album. The most important part to making it sound right is to learn the rhythm of the strumming and to get the muted string strikes in correctly. You have to get the hang of strumming while you're changing between the chords and figure out when you need to lay your fingers down again to get it sounding right.

I had a lot of trouble with Teen Spirit when I first started learning it but one day it just clicked in and from then on I had it down, remember, practice makes perfect.