Just curious what people think of this band

honestly this is one of my favorite bands

i mean sure they are really pop punk as some would say but i REALLY love the hardcore influences they have in their songs

not only do they have awesome singing choruses but their riffs, breakdowns, and overall structure are really cool to me

i mean i listen to some of the heaviest stuff

but i just cant get over it

i dunno i was just curious what others thought
i thought this thread was going to be about our memories of hardcore concerts in times long gone. this bums me out. i was ready to reflect...
I live like an hour away from O-CA-LA


They're pretty sweet. The drummer's pretty tight. His sister is good friends with one of my friends. If that makes sense.
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i'm voting for GNiCk89. i just like how he speaks TO me, not AT me.

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Yea, Sublime is a great band. You have an Underoath icon, so I think your opinion doesn't matter.
There are one or two floating around in this forum and one or two floating around in PP&E. They are the worst piece of crap band I've ever had to sit through live. I've never in my life seen something so bland and uninspired. They mix quite possibly the two WORST possible elements of music: Catchy boring choruses and stupid, generic chug breakdowns. They bring out the douchebags in the fitted caps and gym shorts who think they're SO hardcore because they listen to Ligeia and ADTR.
Christ, I hate this band.

But that's just my opinion.

Except the "there's already a thread for them" part.