Here's a lyric that will never find its way into a song... which may mean (quite simply) it isn't good enough .

Familiar; I'm programmed to feed
To absorb; to dry-f--k the screen
That demanding existence can sleep
The infection that's been troubling me

Familiar; I'm stuck on repeat
I scratch the infection and bleed
That demanding existence can sleep
Just hope I can find time to delete

I am disdain
(but only by name)
I am dead weight...
Too scared... too late

It never seems to change,
And no one will accept the blame
I just think I am too sleepy to speak
There is nothing that can stimulate me
I wrote the lyrics and music together. It's about a cousin who killed himself (many years ago). I suppose it's just me trying to understand which is why it's from his perspective.

I wrote it as someone who is bored with existence (which may be more about me, actually), and I think that made the song a little too boring... which is why it got trashed.

I had to ask myself, "Is this really artistic... or just incredibly bland?"