it didnt

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the basic, open chords are no sweat and the rest comes as quickly as you force it.
Not long, but I'll have to keep repeating it every day unless I wanna **** up alot XD
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Well if you just mean switching between the chords then it didn't take long for me, but if you mean playing a nice rhythm along with the chords then it took me a couple of months perhaps.

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To do it while playing normally it will take you a few months or more to get there from just starting to play the guitar. Playing the guitar tends to need a combination of skills and techniques that you have practiced until you can do them easily. Its just down to practicing until you get it like most things.
I didn't touch chords, scales and theory for the first 2years of playing
Learn songs I liked from tabs basically!

That said, I've picked the pace up these last year :B
5 years and still counting.
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A couple of months, but I'm sure if I started when I was young and had naturally flexible fingers it would have taken me like a week.