Hello. I had started another thread about half an hour ago in which i asked comparison between two guitars. But now it seems we don't have enough money for an LTD MH-400, so i'm starting a new thread with another question.

I'm looking for a top quality metal guitar for under 300 bucks. I like playing symphonic metal/neoclassical metal/shred metal/metallica (Rhapsody of Fire is my most favorite band), folk, and classical. It doesn't have to be the ultimate guitar, but the best i can get for under 300 bucks. Do any of you have recommendations for me?
ibanez RG fixed if you don't need the trem, if you do need the trem get an S series or a lower model LTD

also, couldn't you just update the old topic? (sorry if that sounds like a douche)
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Ibanez RG321 costs 300$ on musiciansfriend.com. It's built well, the neck's pretty good, but most people don't really like the pickups, but they're ok I guess. Most people buy the guitar to swap the pickups later. Other than that, it's a really good guitar.
Any lower end LTD would be great for metal. You can prolly pick up a great LTD or Schecter or Jackson at around that price if you look for used guitars.